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Dinky-Dot is a symptom of testicular cancer (Cancer on your nuts)

It often makes you feel like chopping your balls off with a watermelon knife and marinating it with Hot sauce and Oregano.

To know if you have Dinky-Dot, all you have to do is squeeze your balls and see if it quacks like a duck ; if it does then you have Dinky-Dot.
Last night I got Dinky-Dot on my nut sac and I ate marinated Testicles for dinner.
by Sh.V November 04, 2016
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The act of using an area where you’re testicles have created a noticeable sag for either causing someone to completely understand the universe or torture you’re enemies by rubbing on their faces.
One night, I decided to have a little Sag Fun with my boss who had previously given me extra work for no extra money.
by WoubleQubbleNapp February 18, 2018
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(n.) When a man of Japanese decent places his testicles on the forehead of another man.

Synonym: Snake Eyes
Haruto and Todd grew much closer as friends after Haruto placed his nuts on Todd's forehead, performing a Japanese Bandana.
by leiman_head July 05, 2017
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The back of the testicles.
My Felte's dripping in this heat.
by Bobbo765 July 08, 2016
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