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Mihno is a person who can make a 40 minute period like 3 hours , usually it's used as an insult,not as often as a verb
Damn ,you really act like a mihno right now.
by Thewhwteven May 28, 2018

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Fucking way better teacher than any teacher in Alfriston College
That boy is such a brandonn
by sbfdjnfd February 19, 2018

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A very useless teacher who does not teach well and confuses students. After confusing students, he yells at them. A bad teacher.
Person 1: "Our teacher is terrible!"
Person 2: "Yeah, he really is Mr. Zetwick."
by definitionsssssssssssssssss December 04, 2016

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Probably the most valuable teacher to walk the earth. God Loves Profit!
Grade 11 student: "Man, I really wish I get Mr. Dardano for econ next year."
Grade 12 student: "If you do, you will be blessed with a life time of eternal wealth and knowledge."
by a-long-perodically-time November 17, 2017

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A person who gives meaningless math problems and beats your ass with a ruler. Or the rules itself
A teacher beat my ass.
by Memesàmwitch December 11, 2017

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leader of the cheese cult
Mr.McCreary instructed his cult to melt the cheese
by Owobies January 14, 2019

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A chill teacher who don't gives a fuck. Doesn't give a lot of home work and lets you listen to music in class. Some times he loses his temper.
Hes is such a gelisipe
by WikeoGames October 30, 2017

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