#taylor swift

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A celebrity that is is a kind loving and charitable legend.

Used often when a fan is showing admiration for them
Girl: That Taylor Swift is such a charitable legend look how much she’s donated!!
by Nils Sjöberg January 12, 2018

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The Taylor Swift syndrome is when a person male or female cannot seem to hold on to a man/woman. It seems that everyone there with breaks up with them, they always end up alone.

Said person fails to realize that maybe the problem is THEM, and not the people they have tried to date.
you never seem to be able to hold onto a man or a woman you must have the Taylor Swift syndrome. Maybe you are the problem!
by Sbouda21 August 31, 2017

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An anorexic blond bitch. Who only got famous because her dad bought 20,000 of her albums. You can tell if it's her song if it sounds basic and has no rhythm.
''AWW cool are you listening to Taylor Swift'' Says FUCKHEAD

''No I'm listening to a 2018 compilation of a cat banging its head on a piano while screaming '' I reply
by IDONT READ DEFS from 2009 May 09, 2018

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