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A girl who always has a boyfriend
Me: Stop being such a Taylor Swift
by Di Tondo December 30, 2016
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Little bitch that usually starts a lot of little shit.
Wow Hamlyn is a little bitch
by Defined November 30, 2017
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Taylor is a sarcastic af human being, and the perfect person to gossip with. She really dislikes it when people don’t act their age, and wants everyone to be mature adults. Befriending a Taylor is the best decision you could ever make, because she will stay with you for the long haul.
Taylor’s sarcasm is so advanced, I sometimes think she’s for real.
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by alexaisnotmyname October 25, 2017
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Taylor is chill and lit. She loves animals . Blonde taylors are the best.
Taylor wells is lit
by lol Taylor May 17, 2017
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She is a beautiful girl who goes for what she wants and is very sweetie and gentle when she wants to be.
She is a Harrine.
by Kieja March 15, 2017
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