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Taylor is a sarcastic af human being, and the perfect person to gossip with. She really dislikes it when people don’t act their age, and wants everyone to be mature adults. Befriending a Taylor is the best decision you could ever make, because she will stay with you for the long haul.
Taylor’s sarcasm is so advanced, I sometimes think she’s for real.
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by alexaisnotmyname October 25, 2017

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A girl who always has a boyfriend
Me: Stop being such a Taylor Swift
by Di Tondo December 30, 2016

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(Male) taylor is either an absolute fucking coconut a ginger frog a slut or all of the above
(Guy 1) Wow is that Taylor

(Guy 2) yes he is indeed a fucking coconut
(Guy 1) yes
by Yawning_Yenyatta May 10, 2018

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There’s fewer people that can make you happier than a Taylor. They’re happy but confusing, especially my Taylor. They can make you cry and they can change a mood or a whole day with just a few words. Most Taylor’s, including mine, are beautiful inside and out. They’re full of compassion, wise thoughts, and understanding of the problems of others. Nobody can move your heart as easily as a Taylor.
Me: “Hey who’s that girl over there? She’s really pretty and very compassionate in the way she talks.”
You: “That’s Taylor! She’s friends with everyone.”
by ycakey February 10, 2019

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Little bitch that usually starts a lot of little shit.
Wow Hamlyn is a little bitch
by Defined November 30, 2017

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Taylor is chill and lit. She loves animals . Blonde taylors are the best.
Taylor wells is lit
by lol Taylor May 17, 2017

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She is a beautiful girl who goes for what she wants and is very sweetie and gentle when she wants to be.
She is a Harrine.
by Kieja March 15, 2017

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