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Junie is a very caring and loving girl she is really gorgeous and is different from other people she loves to share and doesn’t care about people opinions she is very hard to forget and very easy to forgive cool personality and enjoys life
Omg this girl is so gourgeas she looks like Junie
by Jackson Robert May 31, 2018

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National get fingered day
Hey john it’s April 13 come finger me
by FuckMe2.0 April 13, 2019

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A THICC boi, that has no meat but is still thicc
Hey your Big Skele Boi
by dtcow October 04, 2018

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A hannah is a very friendly person who judges and loves mostly by your personality and maturity a very pretty girl who didn't car for looks in fact shes hot.
shes so nice her names hannah right?
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by cody3 March 11, 2018

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A word randomly tip by a woman. Ex. Jody don't kill Steve
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by deeznuts14789366969 July 17, 2018

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Want me
Hi you wtm ??
by Thexplōd January 30, 2019

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i am gonna beat your ass with a swack
slap x a wack = swack
by dickydiggy June 15, 2018

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