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Literally a bitch. Someone who always denies that they are, even though they actually are.
"Did you see what she did to me?! Ugh! She's such a sydney!"
by Daniel0403 August 24, 2017
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Sydney's mom LOVES sex and the name chlamydia.
Sydney's Mom: Doesn't Chlamydia sound like a nice name?
by prettymoonchild October 01, 2017
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An ugly girl who is usually very smart but has pimples all over her face, she is not confident and very insecure but when a boy likes her she won;t believe it. She won't take compliments but she is an amazing friend who will be loyal and won't take people being bullied. If you friends or in love with a girl named Sydney you should never let her go because she will love you too.
Popular Girl: "Look at that girl she isn't pretty at all she must be a Sydney."
Popular Boy: " Probably" Thoughts" She is so beautiful i think i am in love with her she is loyal, beautiful and she probably is a Sydney."
by squid06 February 07, 2018
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An eastern suburbs princess is someone who lives in Sydney's eastern suburbs who apparently has such a hard life, when they are actually rich as hell
She's such an ESP
by wardfman December 19, 2017
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