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Naurah is a person who can be weird and funny. Sometimes she feels lonely while she have so many friends. She usually use music and creativity when she feels lonely. Her mind is confusing. Sometimes people cant understand her. She wanted to explain, but when she have the oppurtunity to, people ignore it and dont want to listen. Naurah is a very special name. Shes very smart and funny. Her smile can be sweet
Naurah is a special name and rare to find someone like her
by DuckInamina September 16, 2017

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A talented beautiful girl who has a largely amount sense of humor, she is trust worthy, sensitive, and sweet girl. She would be the great friend for anyone.
Ranaka is a nice young lady.
by Jonlayna March 14, 2018

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Mykella is a girl who is weird as hell. She is a funny, adventurous kind of gal. She would wear a bun everyday, she loves the colour purple and she is the sweetest girl you could ever meet.
Mykella is so out going.
by Buns_Be_On_Fleek June 20, 2016

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“Sneent” is basically the phrase “Sweet” but it sounds more intellectual.
You: wow that’s really sweet!

Me an intellectual: wow that’s really sneent!
by Milo9598 January 14, 2018

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When you eat a fruit and it so good you start to tear up
“Hey i just ate that grapefruit, and Im telling you it was doleliciouso
by lollimaaron March 13, 2018

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Best looks, best hair, best butt, best friend, never let her go. She'll stick with you through thick and thin, being fiercely loyal and fun. Can be quite hyper, but enjoyable company.
Eleesya is such a doll.
by Lovelyjollylocks December 06, 2016

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Sweet little unforgettable thing
She is such a S.L.U.T
by Emma gonehru December 23, 2017

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