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Naurah is a person who can be weird and funny. Sometimes she feels lonely while she have so many friends. She usually use music and creativity when she feels lonely. Her mind is confusing. Sometimes people cant understand her. She wanted to explain, but when she have the oppurtunity to, people ignore it and dont want to listen. Naurah is a very special name. Shes very smart and funny. Her smile can be sweet
Naurah is a special name and rare to find someone like her
by DuckInamina September 16, 2017

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The name you give to a very dreamy guy. Usually a pirate, someone you rarely see or at least someone who lives far away. Regardless of where he is, he manages to be extremely sweet and lovablely filled with affection!
Have you seen Will Turner? He's Karolina's banff
by KarrotNinja April 02, 2017

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A very funny and cute person.Any guys who saw her will definitely fall in love w her. She's very genius and also gorgeous. Her pretty eyes will catch everyone's heart.She always being nice around other people eventhough around her enemies. She is a very sweet person and can get nervous easily when with her boyfriend. She loves him but she's too shy to tell him and will express her love in many ways but complicated. She's very outgoing and has a lot of friends from different classes. She never share her problem with anyone else including her family and always keep it by herself. But,despite of that she always listen to others and comfort them. To any guys who got her,don't ever let her go or you will regret it. She only love and trust the person who is first and last is her boyfriend and future husband. She never date with anyone except her future husband. So, you are very lucky dude!
"I wish my sister as sweet as Faiszah" John.
by Ilbeltz zuchraa December 31, 2017

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Best looks, best hair, best butt, best friend, never let her go. She'll stick with you through thick and thin, being fiercely loyal and fun. Can be quite hyper, but enjoyable company.
Eleesya is such a doll.
by Lovelyjollylocks December 06, 2016

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a bubbly sweet girl who is just a bouncing ball of energy
oooh that girl is so funn, she is such a vindya
damn straight
by 0o0i3di4hf3o4hf May 13, 2018

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When you eat a fruit and it so good you start to tear up
“Hey i just ate that grapefruit, and Im telling you it was doleliciouso
by lollimaaron March 13, 2018

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Cute and lovable . Love to treat people
by Chungha_somsom December 27, 2017

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