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Gary is a sweet, loving, and caring dude. He is very slow and can sometimes be quite smart. He also has a big heart and he gets messed over by everyone he meets. No matter what your going through Gary will always make sure that your okay. If Gary continuously asks what’s wrong and you are sitting there going
“ nothing “ then something is wrong, so tell him what’s the matter! That’s why here’s there for you motha fucka! Gary can actually give you good advice and can relate to your struggles so talk to with him about it! Gary loves and cares about you that’s why he asks if your okay! Gary loves his best friend💜as well!
Gary is a sweet guy.
by Hawthorne1731 September 19, 2018

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A girl who is mysterious and shy but once you get to know her, she can be a cool person to be around. She has lots of friends and could show you a good time if asked. With a Naiime things can go all her way no matter what happens.
Boy:Yo you see that girl, she so mysterious.
Boy2:That is Naiime man
Boy:She fine and mysterious.
by Santana the one January 30, 2017

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Sanel is a guy who has a really big dick, sweet, and is also a Bosnian.
#1 dude i wish i could be sanel
#2 i know
by FuckDude123321 November 03, 2016

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Sweet little unforgettable thing
She is such a S.L.U.T
by Emma gonehru December 23, 2017

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Is a girl who everyone apparently loves because she's sweet. She has a pretty face but her jokes suck.
Kayline keeps laughing about that joke from yesterday
by Shmokepot131201 July 08, 2017

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Cute and lovable . Love to treat people
by Chungha_somsom December 27, 2017

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A females name. Meaning of love and humble.
Tashzeri' is very sweet woman.
by La'cole January 02, 2017

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