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Swamp ass that is so darn bad that it melts through your taint and absorbs into one's pancreas, thus causing a stench so foul that everyone vomits
Johns swampy pancreas was so rank that alberts ureathra ruptured.
by Bloody urethra March 25, 2017

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Lott goblin that will ELIMINATE you with his LEGENDARY SCAR. Do not take his scar or he will physically abuse you and all of your family members.
swampman1985-a loot goblin
by crazybrazy May 17, 2018

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Silent swamp is a slang word for a women's female anatomy. In greater detail it is specific to describing a women who has a high sex drive but goes unfulfilled for various reasons leaving her wet/moist without relief from a partner.
Mary has had a long drought in the sack and has got a bit of a Silent Swamp going on down there.
by Bill_Murphy October 17, 2017

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