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some lad he is
absolute ledge always on the sesh
His grandfather was a thief in communist Romania in the 70's who was arrested by the NKVD. Of course the shadow masters say that he's making it up but it's true. While he was in there, he met his future husband who he married in the US once gay marriage was legalised, abandoning his wife and 17 children, one of which is Odhran's father. At Christmas his grandfather visits, telling the children of his time in the Vietnam war, despite never having been remotely near Vietnam and frightened the kids so bad that one of his grandchildren developed PTSD and sees the school counselor twice a week. Odhran is a staunch communist, despite what they did to his family. He seizes the memes of production every week by going to his minimum wage job and sticking it to the man by making more money for him and will probably soon be replaced by a robot.

some craic he is
odhran is badass
by robottrainedtofuckyourmouth December 02, 2016

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is a great football player and can rap and sing and a good kisser
lequan is a great football player
by kingswag3000 April 20, 2017

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Middle age father who has trendy glasses, Eddie Bauer vest, styling hair and smells good
This older guy is so cute, he has dad swag.
by Dad swag January 20, 2017

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No, it doesn't mean bloody or freaking. It actually means Hoes Eating Large Loads of Anus. Straight male prisoners used this term back in the 1950s and '60s to harass women, especially lesbians. Today, people just use it to fucking fit in.
Person 1: That drink was HELLA tasty!
Person 2: What? Do you even know what HELLA means?
Person 1: What does HELLA mean?
Person 2: HELLA means Hoes Eating Large Loads of Anus. Don't use it anymore, you sexist, homophobic asshole!
by dangnuggets September 18, 2016

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The swaggiest of all things swag...

...for the moment.
"Do a dab for us!"
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by Hotstuff Bacon October 06, 2016

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420 blaze swag
im so 420 blaze swag toking up
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by swagger12342069 September 30, 2016

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Jimmy Lee Rice III
Dang, Jimbo got hella swag
by Yung Casserole September 27, 2017

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