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A thing where a dumbass wants everything they want
This sentance is dumb so here kontrol freak
by Hellosupbro February 16, 2017

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A commonly used word in high schools that means "Whats going on?" "Whats good?" or "Whats happening?"

Also sometimes abbreviated as 'Sup'
Example 1

Person 1: Sup brah

Person 2: Nothin' much man. Just chillin'

Example 2:

Person 1: Yo man. help me out with dis!

Person 2: What's up?

Person 1: I need help with dis dumb english assignment!

Person 2: No worries bro. Here's my paper from last year!
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by YoloMan12345 September 27, 2018

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The blackest man that has ever lived, also he sometimes known as a woman because he looks so feminine. Make sure to stay clear cause if he gets a hold of you with his bite you will most likely lose an arm if you don’t get the antidote in time
Oh god. I’ve got khadell disease.
by Vote February 09, 2018

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A annoying internet slag term
A: sup B:lol
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by viplol January 02, 2017

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