#sugar daddy

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Gender neutral equivalent of Sugar Daddy.
"They're my Glucose Guardian. Su"
by Definite_Faller December 10, 2017

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Similar to a sugar daddy, but keeps you in constant supply of chicken nuggets.
I will never understand why you are with him.
He's my nugget daddy, and we all know how much I love chicken nuggets!
by Tinkxxxxxx February 10, 2017

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Having one's home filled with sugar daddies.
Jeez, Alison's house sure is daddyful tonight...
by inspired_by_kotarashkova September 13, 2018

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A temporary/runaway sugar daddy

Comes from frosted meaning sugary and flake meaning inconsistent
I thought I was gonna be able to milk him for at least a year, turns out he's a frosted flake
by EdiblePancake July 29, 2018

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a sexy wild man who gets all ladies and is amazing
omg wow he's such an alec!
by urfriendlyhoe May 16, 2018

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A Splenda papi is an alternative version of sugar daddy. It is when the girl gets all the money without having to give out any "sugar".
Sophia was so excited when she finally got a Splenda papi because she could live a rich lifestyle without having to be a hoe.
by lit papis unite August 17, 2017

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