The act of pure stupidity that just slaps you in the face. It makes you so stunned you become speechless.
“Huh? Someone excused cheese?”
“Oh... so is it the “food” cheese or the “camera” cheese?”
“OMG. That’s such a jinhao!”
by fatdogbun June 27, 2018

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You are stupid for searching up the definition of stupid.
Yo mom so stupid , she brought a spoon to the Super Bowl.
by D3G4 March 07, 2018

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A made up word that I just typed.
It means: "Do your homework, stop doing what you're doing."
P1: Haha I'm using urbandictionary to make up a word.
P2: Qworf.
P1: *Leaves*
by NotADoggo November 20, 2016

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very cute and and annoying girl/guy but very stupid at times
anache is stupid
by ewfwefw June 19, 2016

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A geometry teacher that does not speak English or know how to teach a class.
Branden: Mr.Evans is horrible teacher, he can't even speak English.
Mr.Evans: *African click lanuage*
Branden: WTF is he saying *laughter*
by Feminism is retarded May 19, 2018

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Kenneth is stupid
by D3G4 May 09, 2018

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A stupid nigga
Person: Bakaang how do you spell red

Bakaang: R S Q W Y
by Johnmanhing February 10, 2018

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