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The equivalent to Christianity to what ISIS is to islam
KKK is the only reason People hate on Trump supporters and Conservatives all around the world.
by pill cosby March 10, 2017

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Erick is one of the best people you'll ever meet.

Erick is a really good friend, he always will be there for you.

Erick is a boy that is mostly from El Salvador that lives in the U.S.A
Thank you Erick for being there for us!!!!
by Saik,deeznuts.39 December 02, 2016

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A word used to express humor, anger, or just to say for fun. In order to use this word, you must repeat it quickly and loudly.
Two friends are walking down their neighborhood and one friend says "hey, there's a subway", and the other friend says "gleeks, gleeks, gleeks!".
by Gleekyheadass December 03, 2016

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When someone does something stupid.
via giphy
by RaccoonEyes October 01, 2018

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A girl that has a lot of ass
Guy #1 (Kyle ) : yo bro that’s one thicc baby
Guy #2: what the fuck Kyle that’s my sister step the fuck up
by Thiccbbg💦 July 14, 2018

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used to call someone “stupid/dumb”
“are you thick?”

“i know, i’m not thick in the head”
by noufirst June 12, 2018

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Kenneth is stupid
by D3G4 May 09, 2018

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