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1. unidentified matter, material, articles, or activities of a specified or indeterminate kind that are being referred to, indicated, or implied. Usually bad- such as dog shit or mud.
"I've got a load of whippij over my shoe from walking through that field"
"There is whippij all over the desk"
by Swagnugget69 February 10, 2017

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The worst place ever, worse than hell
Its when a girl you like considers you only as a friend, and nothing more.
Sorry if you are in it, sorry man.
Ah! im in the friend zone!
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by YouAreAwesomeDFTBA October 22, 2018

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A peice of string
The flupa was on a string\.
by jcisawesome February 13, 2018

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"Do you have any stuff" Is another word for do you have any drugs but you can say that so the Garda won't suspect you're trying to get some of the good stuff 👌
"Here bRo do you have any stuff there for me? "
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by ShAwN iLy August 22, 2018

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the place where you by usless stuff to make your life better
lets by that lamp
lets get that pillow
lets go to target
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by #usless December 08, 2017

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Get all of your school jazz and lets go!
by Plasmaguy September 11, 2016

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