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A company which sells high quality clothing and merchandise online. The company is based in Gibraltar.
Have you heard of GZ before? They're awsome!
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by Blaze Thee Laze March 28, 2019

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A peice of string
The flupa was on a string\.
by jcisawesome February 13, 2018

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The class is so happy he's there anton and anthony are mad because eyual is better
eyual is the best in the class
by Eyual December 18, 2018

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"Do you have any stuff" Is another word for do you have any drugs but you can say that so the Garda won't suspect you're trying to get some of the good stuff 👌
"Here bRo do you have any stuff there for me? "
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by ShAwN iLy August 22, 2018

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nicest friend ever really tall,asian and is over allvery nice
jimmy is the ideal triple jump contestant
by Bomberthegamer June 09, 2018

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Get all of your school jazz and lets go!
by Plasmaguy September 11, 2016

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