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•Always strong with anything what her doing
•Will never Give Up
"sarimah is strong woman"
by Fatteh Alury December 29, 2016

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kind , someone who can be a very supportive friend , she have a big smiling on her face always and a very strong person
she is so shuhana
by Yow._ December 28, 2017

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A strong independent woman who knows her worth
That girl is a real Zekelah !
by Zekelah'sbrother June 13, 2017

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Someone who can stand up for themself and is very strong and good at using computers
Wow! That Dowhy is so strong and great at using his computer.
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by Ddowhy5 May 10, 2017

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Smart , strong and beautiful. Has many friends . She always has a boyfriend. No matter what she will always be there for you.
Breyuana - awesome
by Awesome sauce January 17, 2017

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Niniola is a Warrior Goddess meant for battle. She is beautiful, intelligent, sassy, and more. She is determined to do anything and nothing will get in her way. If she was a god and that god was a girl she would be goddess of war.
Wow she is such a Niniola
by Cutegirlonfleek January 01, 2017

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A person who may come of as scary, but is very nice when you get to know her. She has the ability to make others laugh with her sense of humor. Zophia is smart and can help in almost any situation. She is always determined to get the job done and has a great work ethic. Zophia is a girl that can easily make friends.
Person 1. "Zophia is so scary!!"
Person 2. "Calm down, she is nice once you get to know her."
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by AlexandraXX May 02, 2018

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