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Someone who is a great streamer by either being: funny, entertaining, motivating or interesting
Jeff: I was watching an interview yesterday and the host was such a vikarnel
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by Coacroach911 October 01, 2018

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Twitch streamer with, at time of writing, over 8,000 views and over 500 followers. tends to play minecraft and roblox (only if he is bored out of his brains) and is handy with a vape. has done IRL streams also, but tends not to use facecam
'I was just watching ItsYaBoiiJack the other night. he had a brilliant stream going on!'
by PackManLimited May 03, 2018

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An individual who's profession is to engage, entertain, and interest other individuals in order to generate a positive subscriber ratio. By making other people take an interest, they generate revenue and fame.
That streamer yesterday was very interesting, I want to give them my kids college education.
by Omege October 30, 2017

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Hystent is a streamer that typically stream's battle royale game's and likes to have a fun time with his friends.
Hystent's stream was so funny yesterday
by Hystent June 19, 2018

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