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To turn gay straight.
His penis DeQueered the lesbian.
by AdAmHaRT January 20, 2019

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Someone who does not realize they are being hit on by someone of the same gender. This person may seem to be attracted to someone of their same gender because of their unintentional flirtiness. However, the straight aura exudes from them in waves.
Example 1:
Linda: Cheryl, it is obvious she was trying to get with you.
Cheryl: No she wasn't. She was just being really nice.

Linda: You know you are so painfully straight.
Example 2:
Jake: Bro, you were hardcore flirting with him.
Luke: No I wasn't. I was just making conversation.
Jake: Well it seemed might more than that. The guy was legit getting lusty eyes for you.

Example 3:
No homo.
by BlkSwn December 01, 2017

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Gastin is a great guy he has a big dick and loves to fuck thick girls and skinny girls but after all he his a hot charming guy
Gastin is a great guy
by Campbellisthicc June 06, 2019

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