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The Bets meme in existance
That nibba is so good!
by sadwasfegdf February 15, 2018

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A town full of drug addicts skaters sluts and fake bitches. Everyone here is chill except for that small 10% most people here are nice but some are bullies and just rude they all think they the shit but they ain’t they won’t do shit to you so I hate it here but I like my friends though they actually chill and funny and nice they got my back and out principle of out school is jojo siwa. But yea besides all those people there is the 40% of people that are real kids like the skaters we chill asf and the nice people they chill but everyone else is oof
Oh look at that slutty girl she had sex like everyday must be a Massapequa girl

Hey let’s fight dude.
Ight bet
*guy doesn’t show up to the fight*
by Jojo siwa rocks October 30, 2018

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Someone who always plays himself. - a.k.a. Will freaking Smith.
Will Smith used to play the cards but now he's just getting played. He's such a clean bean.
by Savagery Shappens February 02, 2017

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