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a loser stoner kid who listens to too much Lil Peep, loves makeup, and is constantly suffering from an existential crisis. Loves remembering memories with friends by showing old pics but is always wary of accidentally showing a nude. She is a real good homie but can turn aggressive in a second.
Janely is always ready to sesh.

Her make up is on point. She must be a Janely.
by potatoburps January 10, 2018

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Stub (Statue in Bosnian) a word for a stoner who is not able to function because he/she got too stoned and weed killed all of his/hers brain cells.
Look at that guy, what a stub...
by STRAIGHT EDGE HC PUNKER September 17, 2018

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obnoxious girl, who loves to laugh and hang out with her best friend. ( and the close one). Having an Yzenia as a friend is amazing because her true beauty is on the in and out Yzenias likes to hoe around with multiple guys at once. Yzenias are very weird. they never shut up and constantly ask questions about everything. They also tend to like people younger than there age.
Yzenia is so weird.
by Yzenia January 10, 2018

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When your stomach doesn't feel like consuming any consumables until you get high
My stomach hurts, I got stoner's stomach. We need to go smoke so I can eat.
by Jason's asshole March 10, 2018

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a word for when you just smoked some dank and can’t think of anything else to describe how you feel.
“yo you just smoked a doobie?”
“yea bro im zoobed haha”
by camelhumpbitchass May 17, 2018

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