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whenever you just start taking hits of whatever drug you're doing and you feel it but you're not completely stoned
dang kyle was kinda stoned last weekend
by yagurlz April 24, 2017

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Being really high after smoking some really loud weed
Guy 1 : have you talked to jamal today yet ?
Guy 2 : no why ?
Guy 1 : he is hella tunched the man can't even talk !
by J__ Jangles August 17, 2017

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Spooked. To be ript/high/stoned/laud/under the influence of marijuana to the point the "spooker" becomes both deeply introspective and forgetful.
Are you coming to Ikea with us? Nah man, my girl and I are getting spooked rn.
by Galpal92 January 24, 2017

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To be mellow or down to earth, and or being stoned all together
Hey man pass the blunt,
I cant bro I'm too swooshy
by Stoners waffles April 26, 2017

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Australian slang for "stoned"
Friend: I'm so malachi'd
Me: same
LilPent: me too
via giphy
by imtrashlmao August 02, 2018

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