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A plastic bag in a kitchen or foods class at school
go get the shtanker
via giphy
by Hayda and Oen June 12, 2017

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stank cat
very stinky kitty needs holy water. nedrealle is ew
by jj99u May 07, 2018

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A person who takes no baths
Stop being ranada
by Rontraviinmingo January 15, 2018

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One stinky boi
One stinky boi Arvyn
by One Stinky Boi December 21, 2017

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stinky girl
Man aliceia is a stinky girl
by pannugget December 11, 2017

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Pronounced 'levvan', meaning someone who stinks the entire room out when they enter it, nobody is a big fan of them and they don't contribute anything useful to society.
'Look at that homeless guy, what a lewan'
by niggerfaggotcoon October 11, 2017

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