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A plastic bag in a kitchen or foods class at school
go get the shtanker
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by Hayda and Oen June 12, 2017

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A vaginal area which smells really bad, and needs to be cleansed and seriously taken care of. It is most common on whores.
Cleanse your stinky punani, you whore.
You seriously need to take a shower your stinky punani killing me, Kathy!!!
I found an insect in that stinky punani of yours.
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by Blaisest December 05, 2018

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Pronounced 'levvan', meaning someone who stinks the entire room out when they enter it, nobody is a big fan of them and they don't contribute anything useful to society.
'Look at that homeless guy, what a lewan'
by niggerfaggotcoon October 11, 2017

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stinky girl
Man aliceia is a stinky girl
by pannugget December 11, 2017

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stank cat
very stinky kitty needs holy water. nedrealle is ew
by jj99u May 07, 2018

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A person who takes no baths
Stop being ranada
by Rontraviinmingo January 15, 2018

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One stinky boi
One stinky boi Arvyn
by One Stinky Boi December 21, 2017

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