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A person who steals shades using his or her Camera Bag
I lost my RayBans. Maybe someone was an RJ last night
by kitelover84 February 18, 2017

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An inflated price for an item. This word is used when there is no reason for the inflated price except from a middleman who seeks to gain profit from friends by hiking price.
"That'll be 5 quid lad"

"5 quid? I thought it was 3 quid?"

"Nah bro, gregprices innit. Two quid profit for me lol."
by haz_bee1 March 12, 2017

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To steal something from a store.
Me and Kamari bucked some gum from 7/11 the other day.
by juicytoenails April 10, 2019

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to steal some shit and sound like a badass
Badass: lmao dude, i have come up on a ton of lollipops from the barber!
person:holy fuck
by faggotskillgays December 06, 2016

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