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A sexually transmitted disease.
That prostitute gave me a fuck-fungus that took three rounds of antibiotics to cure.

I could smell her crotch and that stank said serious fuck-fungus.
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by Eaton Holgoode November 28, 2018

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It make yo booty crusty.
If you sleep in someone’s bed for too long they will give you swamp itch
by LiberalEater69 January 28, 2019

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SpiderDick (Noun) - An STD Where Human Semen Becomes Extra Stringy And Men Ejaculate Uncontrollably
Hutch: Man I Think Mew Has SpiderDick.
M8: He Shoulda Worn A Condom
by WwOoRrDdSs October 07, 2018

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Noun; The presence of all STDs known to man in one place.
I just used the truck stop bathroom and I’m pretty sure I picked up Herpasiphagonalitis off the toilet seat!

Man, I raw dogged a random from the bar last night and I’m pretty sure I’ve got herpasiphagonalitis!
by Duckfoot069 September 03, 2018

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a serious contagious STD disease that took the lives of many people.
there are different stages of ligma.
in the first stage,the person is most likely unaware of the disease.however,their sex drive will gradually increase with time,tending to drive them into having lustful thoughts.
in the second stage,the person starts to behave in an abnormal manner.while attempting to get hookups,they have a crazy sex drive that would make them want to fuck for hours.
the people they fuck/get fucked by will immediately get infected.
in the last stage,they must be restrained,or they would attempt to strip and hump people in public.
they would die after a week of proceeding into the third stage.
the only form of treatment, sawcon ,would only be able to be used in the first stage.
sawcon is used by injecting an antidote which consists of 5ml of a special liquid into the person's privates.however,the doctor is at risk due to the contagiousness of the disease.the doctor should wear a glove of more than 20cm thick,while gently pressing on the area and injecting it into the clit/balls.
the patient should lie in bed and move around as less as possible for two days,till the antidote spreads completely to the body.the patient will be fed by nurses wearing special suits and masks and will be quarantined in a special room at the lowest floor of the hospital.only authorised staff would be permitted to enter.
random dude one : hey,did you hear about the incident at the park?
random dude two : yeah!i heard that a horde of ligma-diagnosed people had an orgy there!
random dude one : ugh!im never going to the park again!
by jerants October 17, 2018

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the kid with chlamydia THE walking STD!
girl: hey you know danny??
girl 2: YES he gave me chlamydia and told me a week after we had sex when he had it for months!
girl: ME TOO hes a walking STD!!
by dannysvictim334 November 08, 2017

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Used as an abreviation for the following:
-Send the dick
-Still too drunk
-Super throw down
The person who you are talking to will have to figure out which one you are trying to say based on the context of the sentence.
Why Won't Hairy just STD to Maddy already? We needs the benefits!
Idk, I think he is waiting for approval.


No, the last time I drank was last weekend.

Wanna have a STD in the basement friday night?

Sure, as long as Hairy can come.
by STDlove February 25, 2019

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