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A Boy That Knows How To Use The Force (If You Know What I Mean)
Annakin Use The Force
by ozzzy_bear Follow My IG January 01, 2017

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Indian for little star. Beauty.
Aniwake is beauty in herself with the stars to guide her.
by Baybayp13 January 26, 2017

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Godlike in their qualities to try and please you. Out of this world spectacular.
Star 🌟
by anonymous July 17, 2018

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If wish is not told to someone else, the wish will not be fulfilled per the make-a-wish foundation 2015 revision.
Never miss wishing on a shooting star
by austinjp17 November 02, 2018

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Star in Astronomy
Woah look at the mezoe constilations
by flappy pie February 02, 2018

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