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A yandere is a stalker, sometimes violent. Yanderes become very possessive of the person they are stalking.
Kelly’s boyfriend is a total yandere.
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by harajukulifebitch May 30, 2019

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A man that will watch you for hours without blinking.
Man that guy is such a shanubil.
by masterlord2424 November 06, 2017

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Someone who watches someone while sleeping or doing their activities.
Chrisanne is such a stalker.
by JohnChulsky July 10, 2017

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A person that stands at the sink washing dishes and looks out the window at the same time (normally age 30+)
"Stop being a window peeker and mind your business"
by Coolgirl05254 March 18, 2017

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ONE who loves to chop hair so she can keep it under her pillow, play and snuggle with it overnight. Commonly people who are bethys are admitted mental institutes or even jail because they are stalkers and pedaphiles.
She is such a bethy :/
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by lizzielizzie March 27, 2017

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A person who stalks everyone she can.
Bro, look at that girl over there, she's such a sapphrine
Stop acting like a sapphrine
by My name jeff is not dead March 31, 2017

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Is a male stalker that exclusively pursues hot tiny women of just legal age with tiny firm asses not much bigger than their own hard cocks. These males typically fuck these women in the prone position with a couple of pillows shoved under their hips. They make no distinction between an asshole and a vagina and will gladly fill each hole to the rim with sperm. They are also easily amazed as to how deep they can go before the woman feels like she is being impaled on a wooden stake. These males are easily offended by women that spill their seed and will typically carry around a bag of old wine bottle corks to plug holes that they have recently filled. These males typically weigh 2 to 4 times as much as their women.
Damn dude, don't be such a crouchinator.
by TwoSocks February 24, 2019

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