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Worst Person On the Team - the worst player on a sports team, typically a professional sports team.
Bob Hangnail is such a WPOT. I can't believe I drafted him for my fantasy baseball team.
by underson December 30, 2016

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A sport that requires people to run at minimum 2.5 miles every race against other people. Run. Not Jog. A sport that requires you to run hills, through mud, through rain and through blazing hot sunlight. Not a track. A sport that will break you harder than football, soccer or basketball. A sport that will make you cry while doing it. A sport that produces badasses. A sport that people will come out of tough AF. Mud in their shoes? Cross country runners don't care. Pounding rain? Runners don't care. Super steep hill? Power through it. Foggy forest? Cross country runners don't fucking care. Slender man chasing you? Fuck! Let's see Slenderman try to break a 20 minutes and break down, crying like a pussy!
I run Boys' Cross country at Narnia High School.
by MotherPrussiaGottmituns September 24, 2016

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A basketball species usually found above the rim; equipped with superhuman sense, shot-slinging abilities and unrivaled bounce
Damn Reed is definitely a Spida
via giphy
by Specailopswoods July 14, 2018

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A phrase used to commemorate a dominant athletic performance, usually by an individual player.
Two goals in 8 minutes?! Have a day, Messi!
by yeastieboy June 26, 2018

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“a sport that rich white kids play” well actually lacrosse a game invented by Native Americans/First Nations. seems like white people have taken over the game. won’t be the first time the whites have taken something that belonged to Native Americans.
(also Native American men traditionally grew their hair long, so that’s probably where white lacrosse boys get their inspiration from)

(not the same as hockey hair)
by sndjjdjdnbsbsbsbk June 13, 2018

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A spurge who is from San Antonio or is a Spurs fan.
"Ted is such a fuckin San Antonio Spurge. Too bad he can't go back to San Antonio."
"Tony Parker is the best San Antonio Spurge."
by Moore Head June 12, 2018

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