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The word most likely to precede an ignorant rant by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.
"Actually, when you shit you've still ingested the burrito, so you're not disingesting it."
"Have you tried looking up the meaning of the prefix dis-?"
"Actually, I almost completed a year of college, so I know what it means."
"Seriously, just go look it up."
"Oh, I see, you're doing the 'do your own research' thing."
by Valerie Morghulis July 30, 2017

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When a non-Jewish person long-windedly explains Judaism to Jewish people, or makes arguments that Jews have heard a billion times, presenting them as though they were something fresh and profound.
Jew: It's antisemitic to claim Israel controls America; the opposite is closer to the truth. Israel is nothing more than a proxy for Western colonial powers.
Goy: Just because I'm against Israel doesn't mean I hate Jews. Zionism and Judaism aren't the same thing, because you know...
Jew: I know, I'm against Israel too, I was literally just saying Israel was a proxy for Western colonialism, you're not even hearing me.
Goy: Also, antisemitism means being against Arabs too, because Arabs are Semites. Look I'll get the dictionary...
Jew: I know what a Semite is; language evolves over time.
Goy: And the biggest problem with Jews is that you don't all stop considering the family you were born into to matter.
Jew: Oh, stop goysplaining already. Even if we wanted to forget we were Jews, we couldn't; the Nazis didn't care how un-Jewish we tried to become. You don't understand this because it doesn't affect you.
by Catty McGee February 14, 2017

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