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An emoji Spiderman 👊💦😜 is when you text your friends about how you climaxed in your hand and threw it in someone's face.
Emoji Spiderman - ah man I didn't need to see how you Spiderman'd some chick last night.
by Fatterry November 25, 2017
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With great power comes great responsibilty. One of uncle ben's last words in the best spiderman movie sam raimi's spiderman.
Remeber peter that with great power comes great responsibility.
by Pizzzatime August 28, 2017
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Marvel character ruined by Andrew Garfield.
Every sequel was shit except the Spider-Man trilogy.
by Gold Teeth October 31, 2017
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When a guy pulls a spiderman on you and smacks jizz on ur face, you take the jizz off ur face and smack it back in his eyes!
I totally did spiderman vs venom on that asshole...then kicked him in the nutts!
by Annapoops December 30, 2017
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