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A place where kids from ages 11-13 try to compete each other about how many pods of vape or how much money their parents have compared to other people.
Student 1: I go to rocky heights and I’m richer than you with 7 pods
Student 2: I don’t care you sped
by cpmess May 06, 2018

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Someone who is not intellectually, smart or someone who is heavily retarded. Another word for sped but a much higher stupidity level.
This kid asked what Obama's last name was....what a skist.
by Joshcanedit March 28, 2018

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The leader of speds, can be a teacher or a just a very powerful sped.
Damn those speds are going crazy, where’s spedicus?
by The god named barley January 14, 2018

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Idiot brother, long hair, can’t play guitar, smokes weed
Bradley is stupid
by Dakoya June 02, 2018

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He is usally fat and retarted. Josh goes for girl that act like him which is special ed. He makes friends with other speds so he feel good that he's not the only one. Josh has very old parents that don't love him.
Why is that kid look normal but is special ed.
Oh that's josh that's why
by Josh sped December 07, 2016

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You're acting like a fucking sped, Light
by SatoshiNakomoto May 18, 2018

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It literally means Special Ed.
Damn, she's so SE.
Alana was very SE.
Don't be so SE. -Mom
by YiggityYoBish March 15, 2018

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