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That guy who is both good special and bad special at the same time.
Tharan is a special friend... But he's also special when he starts randomly singing.
by Nobody is watching u May 04, 2018

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Being sped and retarded at the same time
"She's so spedtarded" said the angry man
by Xxxxxxxx vids March 15, 2019

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Wentworth Miller is an actor of Mixed Racial origins. He gives the nurse The Schofield Special in his debut as leader of the crims in 'Prison-Break' the hit series starring this stud.

The Schofield Special is a winey way to get a woman attracted to you. You 'wine-dine' her into a false sense of security then you break out the big 1.
A Wine and Dine methodology to take a lady out. The Scofield Special is a sexual Odessey.

Person 1: Y'all hear bout what Scofield did to that nurse in the infirmary. He's done it again, given that spunky lady The Scofield Special wrapped it right round her sense of security then broke out the big 1.

Person 2: I'm green with jealousy, I wish o had the looks to pull that winey diney style flirt game off. It was like an Odessey just to get that tiny Conca out of its Pants Cell. Still, I'm proud it was one of the boys.
by Jack Herrer January 17, 2019

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Best boy and smart loving jealous but charming
Loving and caring in so many ways like Janfer
by Huggersach February 21, 2017

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Being a Huhu could be related to being retarded, but 100x worse. In his own head he is completely fine, but his broken English mixed with often retarded statements makes it seem to anyone around him that they have hit the jackpot of the learning difficulty world.
Wolfster - Okay guys so we’re going to be doing a siege this week.
Huhu - Vat is a siege??

Will - Huhu you need to add a bar to your name on the teamspeak.
Huhu - How to bar??
by Vitaminsub August 14, 2018

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A person who is on the special side of the mental spectrum.

Jack: Hey can you walk my dog?

Richard: You own a fish, redud.
Jack: Hey can you walk my dog?

Richard: You own a fish, redud.
by jwwwww December 06, 2018

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