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What the fuck is that?! In Spanish.
Que chingados es eso, Merida?!
by Real good yacht bongs December 04, 2016

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A word that is used by drunk from the south of Spain. It is used when something is running well or you like it, also known as jamon
This is guayon, lets have another drink

A)I cum
by Acho jamon April 02, 2019

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Non-normie way to laugh on internet in spanish, while more 'd’s' more funny is the thing that you are laughing or more cruel
P1: that guy is such an idiot, wanna bully him?
P2: of course xddd
by Ammmd1 January 06, 2019

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Spanish way to laugh on internet through cell phones, there is not an specific way to write it but normally has j’s, s’s, k’s and d’s. Although it's used mostly by normies, a non-normie way to laugh would be 'xd'.
P1: that guy was such a dumb
P2: you right jjdjdjskdjdjkd
by Ammmd1 January 06, 2019

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a weird guy who can talk in Spanish and English. wears ordinary clothes and is some times funny.
That kener guy is funny but sometimes a jerk.
by Penispoper May 31, 2017

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The Spanish word for mother fucker
"Hola, puto Madre! "
by Batty man2000 August 19, 2017

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