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- Spam my picture

- Go like and comment a lot
Bro have you seen my post?

Whaaaaat go ‘gas my recent’

“aight bro i gotchu”
by marxx846 November 22, 2017

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Can take the form of 'inspirational' posts on social media or pamphlets left in a laundromat, a bus/stop, or on a door knob. Always is a nuisance, and always describes God's conditional love for otherwise worthless creations of his own likeness.
I was waiting on the bus and there was god-spam all over the place from the jehova's witness.
I hate Sundays on facebook, my family god-spams everything.
by yaboytofu July 12, 2016

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An Instagram spam is a second account created by a person who wants to post whatever they want and as much as they want at any given time. The content usually differs for what they post on their main/first account. Usually, only close friends are allowed to follow these types of accounts.
"Hey, Natasha, did you see my Instagram spam? I posted some ugly selfies of yours on there!"
by octopooo September 30, 2017

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A random scramble of letters.
(Across the internet) IM SO ANGRY djkjhdfdkj
by LastPersonOnTheWifi September 13, 2017

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