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Lou is a girl who cant keep secrets and takes things personally but we guess she is an okay friend, nobody likes u sorry not sorry
Oh hey it's that girl who spills tea to all her bsf her name is lou
by Pipi1223 April 14, 2019

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What people say when they do something bad but half of the time they don't mean it.
I'm sorry that I broke your 1,000 doller rolex
by Death the kid lord of symmetry March 06, 2019

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A sarcastic to apologize when being forced
I’m sorry that I was rude to you last week
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by S-o_rry January 01, 2019

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A misunderstood girl who does not deserve what was said to her and just needs to be understood
I am sorry Beatrice Goodin you did not deserve the hate
by anonymous December 15, 2017

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Abbreviation for "Sorry For The Delay". Usually used in texting when someone doesn't respond back to a correspondence in a reasonable amount of time.
"SFTD... I've really been swamped at work. What's up?"
by WhisperBug March 06, 2019

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it is a word that express apologies
little kid : *steps on your shoe*
Dad:*you better...*
little kid:*pradigum*
by Cazzy1 (Caz) December 28, 2018

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