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Term for multiple sociopaths
For example

Shane Dawson and Jake Paul are sociopaths
by dat guy1 October 01, 2018

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Ella is a sociopath. She will get become close friends with you, and you will be friends and everything is good and happy! But then, another year comes around and she is manipulative and uses you. She uses you for clout. However, whenever you try to confront her, she tries to act innocent and play the victim, making you feel bad even though she was the one talking behind your back or trying to steal your man! Be careful if your friends with an Ella, but don't worry, not all Ellas are like this, just this Ella I know and don't especially like.
Omg Ella did what? She tried to convince your man into hating you and liking her? This is why I'm not friends with Ella!
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by a#REALfriend October 09, 2018

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