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An insult to describe someone who thinks their unique and one of a kind, but aren't.

You usually find these people on youtube, telling other people they're first in a comment section and listening to old songs.
IMRAD392945235 " First"
PEPEISPEOPLE3245 "OMG ur such a snowflake"

SONICFAN952894 " I'm 12 and I love johny bee good"
HARMBEPLUSBLEACH765 "U snowflake fag "
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by RaNDOMDUE23442312 March 11, 2017

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Razorflake is a portmanteau of "razor" and "snowflake," referring to someone who 1) plays tough and 2) overreacts to any perceived insult with 3) a completely unreasonable degree of vindictiveness, especially when coming from a position of privilege and power.
It has been three days and he's still dragging her name through the mud because she called him a liar, after he clearly lied. What a razorflake....
by K'tarnan October 23, 2017

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A conservative who acts like a patriot and thinks he's a patriot, but whines about someone who doesn't stand for the US National Anthem. Cardboard patriots completely ignore a person's freedom to do whatever they'd like during the playing of the national anthem.
Look at all the cardboard patriots whining about the NFL players kneeling for the anthem
by cup_of_STFU October 27, 2017

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