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Snitching (telling) to the authorities a crime that you saw.
What you mean? I can't trust you because you told.
by Told snitch January 20, 2017

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A well-known snitch.
D'angelo Russell is a certified snitch.
by issagrownchild September 02, 2018

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He just pulled a Sam Tracy
by Bo Boshers December 20, 2017

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When someone is a nigger snitch.
Man, that Ryan kid is a nigitch.
by eatdatpussy3676 November 06, 2017

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Someone who tells people and your family what social media accounts you have and everything you post
Wife: hey do you have snap chat? Husband: no why? Wife: well jermey said you do. Husband: I had snap chat but no I don't have it any more. Jermey is just being a social media snitch!
by Rickjames82 October 25, 2017

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An opp is a person who exposes people. So basically a snitch. A snitch for the sake of snitching.
Bro, stay away for Keisha. She's an OPP.
by Realist T April 19, 2018

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