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To smell for the scent of another.
That creepy guy just gave you a doggie sniff, Susie !
by I, Wreckerrr October 22, 2016

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A "Sniffman" or commonly referred to as "A Sniffer" is a person that constantly breathes loudly behind people as a sign of social anxiety or to attract attention to themselves, oftenly someone who will attempt to make you feel sorry for them will not naturally cry immediately, so they rub their eyes and let out the longest 3-pronged sniff they have outward from their nose, usually sounding reminiscent of "Nnnnth,Nntth,Nth", you turn round thinking What the hell was that, and see a "Sniffman" who's eyes are slightly red, you might ask them what's wrong, and they give you a fake lecture on how they have crippling depression
"Wow what a Sniffman that guy is"
by DanielMcLaren January 17, 2017

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Sniff, usually has the name Lucas in real life. Hot furry with an amazing body and lovable personality, truly couldn't ask for more in a man.
Dude look at him over there
Omg I'm so wet, it's a Sniff!!!
by HarambeIsBaeCazoSucksMe November 06, 2017

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