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I went to skadunk at the pool

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What you define tiny balls group close together that seem to have never been washed in years
Guy 1: yo you heard tyrone
Guy 2: That guy isn't tough, he got a smurf onion!
by bambo15 April 22, 2017

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A drug usually mushrooms
smurf (drug usually mushrooms)

That smurf overthere is the strongest one around

I ate a smurf and now im gonna die
by Creator of definitions December 14, 2018

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Usually Norwegians teenagers tend to use the word 'sujani' instead of smurf. Like when you see a short human, you tend to call him 'sujani!'
A friend: She is very short
You: Correction she is a sujani
by Karma is a bitch my friend March 05, 2017

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