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Person who is beautiful in smile, happy, loving and caring person that respects people around him/her.
"I met Sarah today, she is a total shumile!"
by UrbanHDefinition November 23, 2016

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You are absolutely FLAWLESS with your nice chocolate skin
Usually recognised as a gorgeous and incredibly intelligent werid person
“Girl she is finee.... Her name must be Sameya”
by Cutee piee May 12, 2018

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A girl who love to make other people laugh, she always want to comfort everyone surrounding her. She is simple and lovely person to hanging out and the best part is she has an incredible smile only see her face smiling you will smile. The problem is she always hide her saddes by her own
by rayqal April 23, 2018

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A person who is a great athlete and loves to play around, jokes, and average penis
Tell me more glascoe
by Glascoes December 21, 2016

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Stelleno, A name given to someone who is confused or doesn't know whats happening in life, she lets words get to her and hurt her easily, no always confident but is always able to put a smile on your face even if she's unable to smile herself.
Damn, looks like he's happy.

Must be the work of a Stelleno.
by Anastasia1234 March 20, 2018

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Alex is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Hes caring, kind, sweet and overall a great person. Hes very loyal and has a grest smile even though he says its bad. Hes a gamer and very dedicated to his relationships. You will never meet another person like him.
Where is Alex Gumm.
by Madhatter727 January 25, 2018

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Very loving and kind and generous would never hurt a fly she can have her ways sometimes but at the end of the she will ride for no matter help u out when you help give you money and won't for nothing in return just because kantasia is like that
Wow that kantasia girl is so kind and beautiful
by BriannaBaby April 23, 2018

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