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A delightful smell!
Jae- "This smells so good, I wish there was a word for this!"
Jam- "Yeah! Like for taste there is tasty."
Jaden- "And for sight there is beautiful!"
Yah-nae- "Yeah I agree!"
Juliana- "Guys, the word is muminous, chill out."
by Julianaibtj February 02, 2019

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A girl who has bad hygiene and a fishy vagina
Boy: Hey what’s that smell
Girl: it’s juleex she’s right there
by Yvtctxrrxfr January 19, 2019

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Pleasant and wonderful fragrance. Background on the word: In 2002 my 3 old grandson pick up a flower, smelled it and said, "That's so SMELLIFUL!"
The flower is so smelliful.
by netChap June 26, 2017

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A Afrikaans farm worker that’s loves to walk into shops with no shoes on. Also smells like a vape
Omg stop being a boontjie!
by jjmeister April 22, 2018

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