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Machika means to mash or to smash in Papiamento which is the spoken language on Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.

Machika Is also the hit song by J. Balvin, Jeon, Anitta. From the lyrics, J. Balvin is singing about taking someone from the dancefloor to the motel and leaving marks on them like Zorro and being drunk which is followed by the chorus "Machika" ( to Smash).
I'm gonna Machika that bitch like I Machika my potatoes
by H3H369 January 23, 2018

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The most sexy guy ever he will steal yo bitch and is the most beast person at every thing he does he a pull god and usually has a big dick he will fight any body and win
Titass H6e66y didn't gabriel smash yo JustinYa
TitassMe too
by Wcmswresler January 11, 2018

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when a Jamaican male is making love to a female he grads a ladder and climes on top of it and jumps off and lands right in her pussy giving her the best cum in her life time
girl 1:Omg i was with a Jamaican last night and he did this move on me

girl 2: omg what was it called

girl 1: its called the Jamaican smash ask your boyfriend to try it on u trust me your going to love it
by Cash me out side May 22, 2018

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The process of going "nom nom nom" with your partner; Munching on that pussy; Eating out the vaginal canal
Me: "I smashed"
Friend: "No way bitch"
Hoe smashed on: "He cleaned me out, straight up Erickery"

Friend:" BRUH"
by El Rey Diaz April 27, 2017

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when you grab your girl by the hair and pound that bitch as hard as you can.
Nigga, u finna smash dat bitch?
by cayderpoe November 18, 2016

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You have to smash for the whole month of December at least once
Me and my best friend smashed several times and smash December is a month in which you have sex the whole month
by Clout queen November 27, 2018

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When your girl is on her period, hence red.
Nick: Are you guys gonna smash tomorrow?
Joseph: Nah dude
Nick: Why bro?
Joseph: Code Red
Nick: Oh snap sucks bro.
via giphy
by bigguywholikefries January 22, 2018

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