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when you grab your girl by the hair and pound that bitch as hard as you can.
Nigga, u finna smash dat bitch?
by cayderpoe November 18, 2016

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The most sexy guy ever he will steal yo bitch and is the most beast person at every thing he does he a pull god and usually has a big dick he will fight any body and win
Titass H6e66y didn't gabriel smash yo JustinYa
TitassMe too
by Wcmswresler January 11, 2018

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when a Jamaican male is making love to a female he grads a ladder and climes on top of it and jumps off and lands right in her pussy giving her the best cum in her life time
girl 1:Omg i was with a Jamaican last night and he did this move on me

girl 2: omg what was it called

girl 1: its called the Jamaican smash ask your boyfriend to try it on u trust me your going to love it
by Cash me out side May 22, 2018

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The most annoying person you've ever met. He is really black African and can cook good biscuits. He enjoys eating a lot and can't pull no girl from left and right. He's very funny and loves watching dirty things on his phone.
"So let me Smashhhh"

" Dang Christian Jackson is sooo annoying, but we love him"
by CJ Jackson March 03, 2017

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You have to smash for the whole month of December at least once
Me and my best friend smashed several times and smash December is a month in which you have sex the whole month
by Clout queen November 27, 2018

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When your girl is on her period, hence red.
Nick: Are you guys gonna smash tomorrow?
Joseph: Nah dude
Nick: Why bro?
Joseph: Code Red
Nick: Oh snap sucks bro.
via giphy
by bigguywholikefries January 22, 2018

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The process of going "nom nom nom" with your partner; Munching on that pussy; Eating out the vaginal canal
Me: "I smashed"
Friend: "No way bitch"
Hoe smashed on: "He cleaned me out, straight up Erickery"

Friend:" BRUH"
by El Rey Diaz April 27, 2017

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