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Congrats, you're smart...
"Type any word..."
by StormCharged January 24, 2018

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Simply: a Smartass. Smart af but an ass too!
Hritik is part of the 3 smartasses
by RomioneWeasley October 24, 2017

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Minoogle is a word usually used to describe a person that knows everything.
Minoogle knows everything and never gets anything wrong.
by Sheep belly July 03, 2018

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to be an ignorant and ugly person
Dude you're such a fiddlywank.
by legendaryFalloutboiii August 30, 2016

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Sarcastically saying something was a good time.
Me and my wife are going to go spend time with my mother-in-law this weekend that should be a hoot la of a time .
by Kinglaw September 23, 2016

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Somebody that, whenever the subject is brought up, will say that pencils are made of graphite not lead.
Student 1 "My pencil has ran out of lead"
Leadlet "its graphite, not lead"
Student 1 "Shut the fuck up"
by Zeropos May 05, 2018

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Verb. Make yourself look like a smart-ass, by acting or saying things that make you look like an intellectual cunt.

Past tense - wank
A person who wenks is a wenker.

Origin: Wenk written backwards is knew.
"John: Hey, Marissa. Did you know you can't defend your usage of weed because it has been scientifically proven that it causes lung damage, unlike you previously thought?
Marissa: Shut up, you wenker.
Third person watching: OH SHIT. OWNED."

"Sometimes people think I'm a smart-ass but I only wenk by mistake."

"I wank in a public library yesterday. People did not find it very friendly of me."
by Miles L. Anderson May 30, 2018

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