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Creative and smart tall boy with a big dick presumably African American and if is is normally tall dark and handsome with a big future if single can be quite the ladies man ,goofy and and has anger issues good with words motivated likes music has a big heart and makes love when having sexual intercourse has a big heart more of a poet but can be be athletic and good morals and friend, bro or girlfriend nothing he wouldn't do for you
That's a jadin
by Super cassonova March 13, 2017

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This person is smart,beautiful, generous, and kind. This person is always on top of their game. They also tend to have the best advice.
She/he is such a Nilo.
by Lucky14u November 05, 2016

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A very intelligent and fairly wealthy man. He is probably a doctor or a neurosurgeon in your local hospital.
OMG he is such a kaipo'i
by Big Cungass April 10, 2019

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A Girl Who Is Smart, But Also Dumb Don't Let Her Smartness Fool You.......
Girl#2:WHAT'S A SIWAYE?!!!

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you can sniff it and snort it and twirl it all around. you will be zooming up the stairs all you want. good to last you the rest of the school year goooooo smarties
woah she be zoomin up the stairs on smarties
by gshank June 04, 2019

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This one is the best thing ever and it was back in the good days and it can do whatever they want no matter what or who tells them. They are not a boss they are THE boss PERIODT
Person: omg Megan you cannot just go rename ppl

Megan: actually JESSICA I'm from daniellandia therefore I can do what I want periodt
by Heheueheueueueu May 24, 2019

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Of being smart and retarded
Girl hey u being smart but also stupid
Girl is u mean I am being smatarted
by Cupcake decorating August 20, 2017

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