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Creative and smart tall boy with a big dick presumably African American and if is is normally tall dark and handsome with a big future if single can be quite the ladies man ,goofy and and has anger issues good with words motivated likes music has a big heart and makes love when having sexual intercourse has a big heart more of a poet but can be be athletic and good morals and friend, bro or girlfriend nothing he wouldn't do for you
That's a jadin
by Super cassonova March 13, 2017

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This person is smart,beautiful, generous, and kind. This person is always on top of their game. They also tend to have the best advice.
She/he is such a Nilo.
by Lucky14u November 05, 2016

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A unisex name meaning sensitive, smart ,kind ,beautiful their kind nature can cause them to suffer from nervous disorders
Juwaine is such a sweetheart, bless her soul
by fbbjujuwantstodie August 05, 2017

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A Girl Who Is Smart, But Also Dumb Don't Let Her Smartness Fool You.......
Girl#2:WHAT'S A SIWAYE?!!!

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She's smart that's about it.
Hey karli, can I copy your homework?
by Yoyoyoitsyagurl December 20, 2016

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Of being smart and retarded
Girl hey u being smart but also stupid
Girl is u mean I am being smatarted
by Cupcake decorating August 20, 2017

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Ridiculous name given to you by obviously jealous friends.
Friend: Damn he's so smart
Friend 2: Yea he is, we should call him Herbeto to make him look bad.
by Paulisall August 18, 2016

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