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A name for a male who is typically Tamil. The name Elakian means kind. It also means smart, determined, and almost certain to succeed in life.
Husband: What should we name our kid?
Wife: Let's name him Elakian, as he is going to be a smart kid!
by Unknown being. May 02, 2018

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TYVERIA is smart #Funny good dancer a bright person with a pretty smile , don’t care what people thinks about her , she shy and don’t like to be around other people , #She can be evil but she loves everyone and cares about people
Tyveria is sexy and smart
by Tyveria January 06, 2018

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A Girl Who Is Smart, But Also Dumb Don't Let Her Smartness Fool You.......
Girl#2:WHAT'S A SIWAYE?!!!

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She's smart that's about it.
Hey karli, can I copy your homework?
by Yoyoyoitsyagurl December 20, 2016

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Tyveria is pretty , can dance , smart in school , spoiled and loves to have fun , She is shy with great Personality She a good best friend and a good friend and it’s no Topping cause she do top , fine asf
Tyveria is #Pretty#Smart#Sexy#Dancer
by Tyveria April 22, 2018

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Getting good grades.
I’m really gonna need to pull a looren (lauren) in order to pass this class.
by Yviancaa April 20, 2018

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Of being smart and retarded
Girl hey u being smart but also stupid
Girl is u mean I am being smatarted
by Cupcake decorating August 20, 2017

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