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A small kiddo from a dodge school. Also known as Joshua the parkour master.
Look there is that small kid josh darley
by Heykkkffsdhg November 22, 2017

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A little midget with bipolar problems when it comes to her not getting her way these girls are dangerous they crazy one min but will make you love them the next there very rare tiny is loyal with a beautiful personality and a goofy spirit but don't get me wrong she a demon when she becomes man
Damn tiny why you I mean

Tiny you are so beautiful

You so tiny
by Dej smith April 14, 2017

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A girl who maybe small in size but have bigger heart who care for people around her. But, her kindness was take for granted and she was a girl who will always forgive but will never forget
a boy will always fall for zainie
by bro kind December 28, 2017

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Tyler is a real lil potato. He has blue eyes and his hair look like a use mop. He is real funny and makes fun of everything! Tyler also always gets hurt...#dat shit hurted #i was hungry #we know ur stealing
do u know tyler
yet he got hurted
by tylerishurted123 May 04, 2018

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Small Shlong, has no bong
Oh his shlong was is so small I think he's a Lorenzo
by EXPOSEBODO February 14, 2018

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If you have this name than you have an infinitesimally small penis
Girl: why are you so small?
Eryk: well they do call me eryk for a reason
by Here guy July 03, 2017

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To have a minuscule and inferior penis.
hi peweee
by bandwagon69 June 04, 2018

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