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Being refered to as behind The door generally means a person is a bit slow or in the dark about a certain situation, they only click on to a joke days later
Kane didn’t understand much he was definitely behind the door
by Sheeeeshkebab903 May 07, 2018

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Usually Asian. Likes to bamboozle kids for fun. He's enough. Pretty thoughtful. Has good hair. Pretty fricken gay. Looks good with or without glasses, even though he says he looks slow with them.
kiigan uh xd
by hollowavee November 12, 2017

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"Man, you're walking retarded!"
by LightMocha September 07, 2018

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A weird individual that is incredibly slow, and is considered ugly by the majority of the people they meet. Normaly is or will become a homeless person.
That homeless person is such a Kyle.
via giphy
by Jacksons rule March 05, 2018

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They are retarded
You are slow
by Your slow- Olivia November 07, 2018

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