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You’re tired as fuck. And now your reading Urban Dictionary definitions of the thing you need most. And every definition you see, you wanna take that sweet, sweet drug known as sleep even more than the last. It’s a very healthy one at that.
Damn I really need some fucking sleep.
by dumbuz April 22, 2019

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Taking a good nap / sleep
Brb I’m gonna go take a good schnooze
by Coolcat121 October 20, 2018

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If you are saying to someone that you are going to sleep you may use this phrase instead.
Person 1: "Cya, I'm pulling an erin."
Person 2: "K, see you in the morning."
by ChromaKier July 25, 2018

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A person who will put off sleep for long periods of time and be fine.
Johns uncle is a wrak. He hardly ever sleeps.
by Ireallydontknow January 07, 2017

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A big ass nigga that’s loves tites
Damn tahsein lookin at the tites
by Sjdhdhhdu June 18, 2019

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When you say weird not-real words in your sleep.
My step-mom has Cermulitis. She's been saying things like, "Very clean pools" and "Full size ice-cream bars" in her sleep.
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by Homosapien1013 November 11, 2018

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Going to sleep (southern way)
I'm "heading the hay", I'll see you tomorrow!
by juliuscaesardies September 22, 2017

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