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When you really need to sleep but can't.
"Last night I was so sleepstipated, I only got an hour of sleep"
by Schwaigern September 24, 2017

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If you are saying to someone that you are going to sleep you may use this phrase instead.
Person 1: "Cya, I'm pulling an erin."
Person 2: "K, see you in the morning."
by ChromaKier July 25, 2018

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A person who will put off sleep for long periods of time and be fine.
Johns uncle is a wrak. He hardly ever sleeps.
by Ireallydontknow January 07, 2017

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a cuter, sleepier way of saying 'sleepy'
hnnnng im so sleeby
by pcker December 09, 2018

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When you say weird not-real words in your sleep.
My step-mom has Cermulitis. She's been saying things like, "Very clean pools" and "Full size ice-cream bars" in her sleep.
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by Homosapien1013 November 11, 2018

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Taking a good nap / sleep
Brb I’m gonna go take a good schnooze
by Coolcat121 October 20, 2018

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Going to sleep (southern way)
I'm "heading the hay", I'll see you tomorrow!
by juliuscaesardies September 22, 2017

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