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A combination of hi, hello and hey all in one word
Person3: that is some coolio slang
by Sofffphia February 16, 2018

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sent to most
"did you see what jill said, it said "stm" but i think she only sent it to me"
by dragemdragon April 23, 2017

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Simply Nailogical slang for a glossy top coat of nail polish
"Now we're gonna add a glossy taco."
by Mousee0228 August 14, 2017

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Arms- Arms is a British slang meaning arguments
"I dont wanna have arms"
"Simon and I have arms"
As R.S has said "I'll bring some arms round to your mums house..."
via giphy
by NatashaLdn August 10, 2016

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meaning ‘sike’ or just kidding.
Person1: “I know to basketball”
Person2: “yeahh YEET”
by ialwaysright December 01, 2017

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ster you add to a person name meaning that person is a prankster
that jack is a total jack-ster
by ecksmc May 21, 2018

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Dropping pockets is when cash in your pockets are sagging
"So much money on me i'm dropping pockets"
by OHHYAHHH March 10, 2018

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