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Ducky Boy has several meanings. One is a member of a Bronx Celtic gang of the 1950s to 1960s.

A second is an old Southern term for personal servant.

A third means a young, gay man in England.
The Ducky Boy whistle brought them all to meet at the zoo.
by I, Wreckerrr October 15, 2016
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South african slang, can mean many thing such as; cool, nice, awesome, lit.
Hey yo pierre, how's the party?

Yo you should have come to that bitch, it's so lakka!!🔥🔥
by Yopierre October 08, 2017
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When someone's outfit looks out of style or un-cool
Damn gabi you need to change that outfit because girl you look draggged .
by Superwomen128 August 26, 2017
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meaning ‘sike’ or just kidding.
Person1: “I know to basketball”
Person2: “yeahh YEET”
by ialwaysright December 01, 2017
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(pernounced neet) is a slang for the slang nig, which is short for nigga
Fuck you, you nit.
by Lostpalestone February 21, 2018
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oh my GOD! Susan is just offering her SKIDDLYBOOP to everyone!
by THATS.MELANCHOLY December 11, 2017
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n. one who loves or appreciates slang. derivatives: colloquiophilic, colloquiophily, etc.
John is a colloquiophile?

Certainly. John has just now gone to meet his friends at the British Association of Colloquiophilic Pederasts.
by R-Bob McStruthers December 09, 2016
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