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South african slang, can mean many thing such as; cool, nice, awesome, lit.
Hey yo pierre, how's the party?

Yo you should have come to that bitch, it's so lakka!!🔥🔥
by Yopierre October 08, 2017

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Common phrase meant to indicate that something is an acceptable solution, sometimes as a means of describing someone's surprise at the success of an action after witnessing it's completion.
"I don't know what to do! It's broken!"
*Replaces batteries*
"Oh, that works..."
by KarmaLog August 03, 2018

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Yual- It's slang for Why you always lying.
Friend-Hey guess what?
You- What?
Friend- I saved a penguin today!
You- Yual (why you always lying?)
by Wildsmiles November 23, 2016

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Modern slang for some one who hasn't got a clue.
Blimey mate, he hasn't got a Manny La Rue
by Phillip McCavity December 14, 2018

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Secret name for weed in telugu people.
Maama gaddi kodadhaama??

Not literally by means , bro, let’s do dope..
by Eggburgikalifa August 06, 2018

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the act of inserting a bullet into a person's anus so that the primer is exposed and then heating it with a lighter in order to fire it.
Jim, you better not do anything with that girl, I hear she's into Bullet Bucking
by Nordlord819 February 04, 2019

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n. one who loves or appreciates slang. derivatives: colloquiophilic, colloquiophily, etc.
John is a colloquiophile?

Certainly. John has just now gone to meet his friends at the British Association of Colloquiophilic Pederasts.
by R-Bob McStruthers December 09, 2016

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