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A skinny girl who is super intelligent. Loved to play soccer until high school and does a form of karate. Has a boyfriend that plays football for school. All around amazing girl but can be a goody two shoes
That girl Cate is a bitch
by Emc February 26, 2018

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Tall, looks like a twig
That Tyler Lloyd is so tall he's a 'lankybro'
by Charrrrlotttt March 26, 2017

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A person that is so skinny their legs look like the will break if they trip and fall.
I saw a flock of flamingoes today while shopping. Glad they didn’t trip and break a leg.
by Tally371 November 12, 2017

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The meaning of a skinny wombat is

1: that you have a micro penis and that you want to get a doctor or
2: that you are addicted to pornhub.com and you wanked your dick to hard or
3: You need to either eat a lot of facken Maccas or you need to stop eating
Man I need to become a skinny wombat
man you need some viagra
via giphy
by Some random cheese burger November 02, 2017

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A very loyal friend to have by your side
My friend is such an odolphia
by Anônymus March 16, 2017

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1. A female that has skinny body and big head, often used as a derogatory term

3. A female that looks like Beetlejuice in reality but believes she looks like Rihanna or Beyonce in own mind

4. A nasty dope whore that is down to 80 pounds and three teeth, but thinks in her own mind that she looks like Beyonce or Mila Kunis
(Woman)- "hey handsome, what's your name?
(Kids look up to the woman)- Ahhhh!!!!
(Father of kids)- Get the fuck away us you nasty Stop-sign thot . You're scaring my kids. They looked up and thought Michael was trying to take them to never land!
by BigHawk 2813 January 04, 2019

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Tall, skinny, looks like a twig
He's so skinny he's a 'lankybro'
by Charrrrlotttt March 26, 2017

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