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A skinny girl who is super intelligent. Loved to play soccer until high school and does a form of karate. Has a boyfriend that plays football for school. All around amazing girl but can be a goody two shoes
That girl Cate is a bitch
by Emc February 26, 2018

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Tall, looks like a twig
That Tyler Lloyd is so tall he's a 'lankybro'
by Charrrrlotttt March 26, 2017

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Very beautiful,Can be annoying she is skinny VERY skinny and be very hot at times...that one girl who is very quiet also and crazy...also them eyebrows aren't plunked either but the rest is fine
James:Hey is Arsema Free tonight
Chris:I don't think soo but them eyebrows are crazy
James:but skinny SHIT
by Jellyfishh556Rwal October 23, 2017

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A person that is so skinny their legs look like the will break if they trip and fall.
I saw a flock of flamingoes today while shopping. Glad they didn’t trip and break a leg.
by Tally371 November 12, 2017

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The meaning of a skinny wombat is

1: that you have a micro penis and that you want to get a doctor or
2: that you are addicted to pornhub.com and you wanked your dick to hard or
3: You need to either eat a lot of facken Maccas or you need to stop eating
Man I need to become a skinny wombat
man you need some viagra
via giphy
by Some random cheese burger November 02, 2017

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A very loyal friend to have by your side
My friend is such an odolphia
by Anônymus March 16, 2017

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Tall, skinny, looks like a twig
He's so skinny he's a 'lankybro'
by Charrrrlotttt March 26, 2017

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