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A fucking cunt
Someone needs to knock Theresa May out
by Skrdrdr on dem pussies July 23, 2018

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a word to replace swear words
this guy is such a kiven, kiven him
by wdwefernjkjfegioherih November 11, 2017

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Large ugly woman, most likely a sket
Did you hear that Caitlin got with Chad?
"How?! She's a right plinker"
by No.1 Nonce March 11, 2018

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Daisy is a sket
Daisy is a slut who's eyebrows look like dead caterpillars a sket
by Real definition. October 18, 2016

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a sket
Stephanie is a ket
by bungybooce91 November 29, 2017

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Jarods big redheaded sket girl
Elizabeths bare clapped
by Ushanthy December 03, 2018

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