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A failure and SJW with a huge ego and tendency to flaunt it unto an undeserving soul.

A guy is 177 cm tall (average American height, aka not even close to being short), and while there may be others in a group who are <170 cm, the undeserving guy gets roasted by the egosarminist for his "average height stature" by being called short and "zeta-meter small".

Where one passes an exam, the egosarminist fails. He goes to the professor, gets laughed at, and denied a second chance. Still, the egosarminist unscrupulously succs them but is expelled. He then uses financial bait for a final chance.

During this chance, instead of shutting his mouth, he attacks a poor soul about their physical features and intelligence to draw attention away from his own failure. He fails again and his ass is officially expelled.
A conversation with an egosarminist would go something like this....

White Boi: "I passed everything."
Anorexic Stick: "Me too. It's gonna be a great summer!"
Egosarminist: "Me too! It's a great day, now let's kick reverse-m out to make it better."

Undeserving Guy: This is an egosarminist right here.
by realaleraza_97 September 07, 2017

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As Oxford dictionary states: "either of the TWO sexes (male or female)"
Person 1: There are only 2 genders
SJW: That's very disrespectful to many people in our society. There are definitely more than just 2!
Person 1: Ding dong your opinion is wrong
by Jordel02 November 26, 2017

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A man loudly claiming to be a feminist who will fight gallantly in arguing women's issues that have nothing to do with him, often for the sole purpose of getting sex. Very often beta male types.
He's just playing Captain Vagina because he has no other way of getting laid
by Psychedelichousewife February 09, 2017

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An alternative term for a misguided SJW. Reachers are often seen by other SJWs as extremists, or ones who too quickly jump on a hate-bandwagon. They are usually quick to turn on a celebrity that may or may not have done something, which can neither be confirmed nor denied.
“Hey, she’s for equal marriage too, right?”

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t talk to her, she’s a Reacher.”

“Really? How?”

“She read a random article that claimed Carly Rae Jepsen supported Al-Qaeda, so she burned all of her Jepsen albums.”
by HahaJk November 16, 2017

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an SJW who Identifies as a member of the LGBT community
"Dude, did you know that 50% of dating site profiles who are LGBT, specifically request that they don't be contacted by Asians, blacks or Hi-"

"Yeah yeah that's great, look i'm just here to get a Taco you Rainbow Nazi."
by Warrivar November 24, 2016

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Somebody who panders to self-loathing agendas in order to achieve enough guilt to be accepted into hostile Liberal environments, specifically modern SJW communities that require a hatred of anything white and anything male to join
The definitions of this word seem to have been written by cucks

Carl the cuck hates white men. Carl the cuck is a white man.

"He called me a cuck. He is a white supremacist."
by BasedLibertarian April 20, 2017

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Sweet Juicy Watermelon
Yesterday I ate some fried chicken and some SWEET JUICY WATERMELON or SJW
via giphy
by somewhatnotracist May 15, 2018

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